BB Camp, the future of the Jewish Community

BB Camp is dedicated to helping young people grow within a creative and supportive Jewish atmosphere.  In an outdoor setting, campers gain a deeper understanding of themselves, their heritage and their community.  We are committed to providing a safe and inclusive camp environment in which relationships are characterized by dignity, respect and equitable treatment.    Our goal is to build a vibrant Jewish community, cultural identity and to foster lifelong friendships.

Like our campaign theme – Growth Can Happen Overnight. The highlight of BB Camp is overnighting and it’s that quiet time with a fire crackling and the stars overhead that personal growth happens for our campers.

Investing in the future of our community!

After 60 years, BB Camp recently secured control of our 30 acres of Town Island. This is a great accomplishment for our camp and community. Planning for the future by investing in the campsite will help us maintain and grow BB Camp.

We have expanded our programming significantly, and it’s now time to build our infrastructure. It’s a pivotal time to get involved in building tomorrow’s camp experience – today! Our goal is to grow our camper population and provide better programing and services for tomorrow’s BB Camper.

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